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Well David, let me tell you that even though most kids struggle at some point or another with correct spelling, in this particular aspect of the language, English is far more difficult than some other languages. learning English is the most similar experience to learn two languages at once, even for a kid who has been born in an English-speaking country. The reason is very simple, Spoken English arbitrarily differs from written English by far. There are some general rules everybody can learn to match how English sounds and how it is written; however, there are a huge number of exceptions. It’s so crazy, that even rules drive me insane. For example, the vowel “a,” which is pretty common in the language, can be pronounced in at least 5 different ways as far as I recall, it would be six if I add the way it must be pronounced whenever it is placed before the “r” consonant, which is a control consonant and pushes out a longer and stronger sound. In Spanish, on the other hand, the vowel “a,” is always pronounced in the same way no matter where you find it.



On 3/31/2020 5:07 PM, David Diamond wrote:

Leo, if it is any consolation for the first 5 years in an English school I was spelling ghost incorrectly, no one ever corrected my spelling till grade 5.  Using a spell checker really exposed my spelling and grammatical mistakes. Oh, English is my native language.  Appalling the scholastic system we have in North America.   

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