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David Griffith

Thanks for this – I had no idea that Jaws had this ability – I  have saved it for future reference when I come across  these pesky things.

David Griffith


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Subject: Re: use of Jump to Line feature in web pages


As Dean pointed out, it is primarily useful in connection with the mouseover keystroke. If, for example, I log into my credit card processor’s portal I have items like “Administration”, “Terminal”, “Reports” etc.

These items are mouseover links which means that if a sighted person hovers over, for example, “Terminal” then they see a new menu pop up further down on the screen with things like “Purchase”, “Refund”, “Void” etc.

If I press enter on any of them nothing at all happens, but if I use the Jaws Key + Control + Enter keystroke to activate the mouseover link, Jaws will say “change at line 9”

I then immediately press “J” and follow this by 9 and enter, Jaws will go to line 9 and now if I down arrow I can see and access all the options which have appeared there.

I find many websites use such mouseover links and in some cases they are properly labelled and Jaws will announce them as mouseoever, in other cases it may just say “link” or possibly nothing at all to identify what it is, but if I press enter on something and nothing apparently happens I always try the mouseoever link keyboard shortcut.


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Subject: Re: use of Jump to Line feature in web pages


Robin and All,

It is an annoyance to me and I have never used it.

LOL, As if I would know which line something is on.

You are correct, a place marker makes more sense.

I'm not sure what it's good for.

In fact, if I didn't sometimes erroneously hit the letter J on a web page, I would not even remember the jump to line function is there to use.


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Subject: use of Jump to Line feature in web pages


I’m curious how people use the Jump to line option in virtual view.   Do you see a benefit of this over setting a place marker?    It’s a new feature since moving to JAWS, so just wondering how to use it to my advantage.



Windows 10, JAWS 2020


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