moderated virtual machines

Marvin Hunkin

Hi. Using jaws 2020 , nvda 2019.3 windows 10 64 bit pro. On a assus laptop. Doing a network course from Got a free dedicated server for assignments  from But only for assignments and assessments. As their web tool is totally unuser friendly and not accessible. Looking to rebuild. So looking for a free vm. Did sign up for the vmware workstation education, but was rejected my application. Not sure. And also listening to videos from and from Vm ware player, asks for me to turn off credential guard manager and security settings, if people are familiar with that. Now, tried that and when trying to install windows server 2016 iso, could not turn that feature off. In vritual box, no way to turn the audio on, and it kept either crashing or powering off. Hyper v manager the same. So can any one doing a networking course, let me know. And Microsoft azure, trying to set up a free student account, would not recognize my landline voip phone. Don’t have a mobile phone, credit card, paypal. And now, any one got any good recommendations for a free, accessible vm, that will work with jaws, nvda, windows narrator. And able to then install such server os as windows server 2008 r2, 2012, 2016, docker, etc.

Any ideas or help. Want to get my hands dirty and learn how to install, configure and use networking. Any one got any ideas or in the same boat. My college does not have a dedicated online server. Doing this online and with about 11 other sighted students.

Any ideas. Help.



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