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Speak On Media Suite is a suite of up to 11 applications depending  on what plugins you install from within the app which provides a whole range of accessible applications designed to support Blind users.

Some of its features are targeted at UK users like access to RNIB Newsagent but others like access to Tunein Radio are available  world wide.

It includes a Daisy Book player and eBook Reader etc as well as three Podcast applications. Podcasts.


It is obviously too involved to describe in detail here.


I will just post my Podcast list again here and that will give some idea.

You will probably have to copy and paste the download links into a browser for them to work as I currently do not have time to go through and convert to links.


Speak On Resources

You can download Speak On media Suite from

Mailing List for Speak On


Previous Speak On Media Podcast


Links are provided with SendSpace and DropBox.

01 Introduction Speak on Media Suite.mp3

This Podcast covers setting up Speak On Media, changing the default synthesiser to a more friendly   voice and  introduces you to the range of apps available by default, and then the further apps available through additional optional plugins.


02 Getting an Audio Books into Speak On Media Suite.mp3


This Podcast describes how shortcuts and the send to menu in File Explorer can be utilised to make it much easier to import books  and other content into  Speak On Media.


03 Playing Daisy and Audio Books in Speak On.mp3

This Podcast covers loading and reading of Daisy and Audio Books. It explains Speak On navigation options, bookmarking, and varying the speed and volume of playback. It also introduces Speak On’s context sensitive help feature.



04 Reading eBooks on Speak On

This covers.

-Loading an eBook into the Speak On Directory through the Send To Menu.

-changing the Reading Voice.

- Navigation levels available in the eBook.

- Managing Bookmarks and getting book size information.

-Tabbing through the Player Bookmark list and Library view.

- Adjusting the speed and volume of book playback  on the fly.

- Copying and pasting text from an eBook into Notepad.

- Saving Sections of the book as text files.

- Creating a "virtual eBook" based upon a search term.


05 Speak On and Internet Radio

This Podcast covers

- Using a  free or paid Tunein account to access Radio in Speak On.

- Using the optional VI Radio app.

- Importing Radio Streams into the Other Media app to create a 3rd Customised Internet Radio  app.


Link to a Radio Streams folder to import into Speak On.


06 Using Speak On and the RNIB Reading Service.


This Podcasts covers downloading a  daisy Book from the new RNIB Reading Service  and playing it in Speak On.


07 Speak On and the RNIB Newsagent Service Part 1 - Newspapers.

This Podcasts covers.

1. Advantages of using Speak On to easily access the eText Newspaper service, including its Virtual Reader function to streamline reading.

Installing the task and logging into the eText service.

Loading of Newspapers, navigation and adjustment of speed and volume of playback.

Setting up favourite papers.

Bookmarking and extracting articles into text files.



08 Speak On and the RNIB Newsagent Service Part 2 Magazines.

This Podcast covers accessing the RNIB magazine service and the workaround needed if the RNIB has broken a link from a  Magazine to Speak On.



09 Speak On and Podcasts.


This Podcast covers searching for a Podcast, subscribing to a Podcast by adding to Favourites, downloading Podcast, and browsing the Category Online directory Service.   As part of this it show how Speak On acts as a virtual BBC Sounds app. It also covers importing OPML files from another Podcast Reader and briefly covers the optional VI Podcast app which provides access to selected Podcasts of interest to Blind and Partially Sighted People.

Note For a demonstration of the third Podcast facility in Speak On , via the tunein  Radio   app  to download Podcasts and Radio  shows from that service,  please refer back to Podcast 5 on Internet Radio and Speak On.







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What is the speak on podcas about?





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Thanks.  I was just about to send you a message requesting where I could get the rest of your podcasts. Now I seem to have all 9.   

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