Re: Repairing JAWS 13

David Bailes

here's yet another method of copying the full path of a file:
1. In window explorer, select the file.
2. Press shift+application key to open an extended context menu.
3. Choose copy as path.
4. You can then paste this into the run dialog, or anywhere else.
original message:

As always, both helpful and interesting. I wonder if virtualizing the window
with the file's name would be a slightly easier, or more familiar, way to
copy the name, as opposed to the file, into the run window.

Thus, locate the file and press JAWS key+alt+w.

I just went through this procedure. The one drawback is that when I
virtualized the window, JAWS didn't land me right back at the filename I
wanted. Instead, it took me to the top of the list and I had to arrow around
a little to find it again. Once I did, I could take the usual steps to
select and copy.

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