moderated Re: JAWS bug: wrong tip for one option in settings Center

Mike B.

Here's what the dialogue should read:
This check box allows you to enable or disable automatic language detection. If you select this check box, JAWS detects changes in languages within documents which support language tags and then reads using the appropriate synthesizer voice for that language.
For example, if JAWS finds Spanish text on a Web page, that text is spoken using a Spanish voice. This detection only affects those synthesizers,
such as Eloquence or Vocalizer Expressive, that support multiple languages.
If you clear this check box, JAWS does not change the voice of the synthesizer when reading text written in another language.
By default, this option is checked in all applications except Microsoft Outlook.

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Subject: Re: JAWS bug: wrong tip for one option in settings Center

If you arrow to general> text processing, you will hear that same description about overall behavior. Looks like someone mislabeled detect keyboard language. The error exists as far back as JFW 18, for what it's worth.

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Subject: JAWS bug: wrong tip for one option in settings Center

Nothing really serious, but here it is:

Detect keyboard language has a label that says

Use the options in this group to control overall speech behavior.

That is not quite correct, is it?

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