moderated Re: An equivalent to restarting Jaws?

Adrian Spratt

Hi, Gerardo. To that key combo, add the Windows key. thus: JAWS+windows key+F4. But I’m finding it doesn’t work as smoothly in 2020 as it used to. One thing several of us noticed is that pressing control+Windows key+enter, which brings up Narrator, also brings JAWS back when it stops working. It’s fast. then, of course, you’ll need to press the same key combo to close Narrator.


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Sent: Saturday, March 28, 2020 11:24 PM
Subject: An equivalent to restarting Jaws?


I seem to remember years ago, there was a keystroke one would press for shutting down Jaws, and restarting it again, without having to unload via Jaws+f4, and reload it via the Alt+Control+j command? Is this keystroke still available, and what might it be? Thanks for refreshing my memory.


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