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David Griffith

First of all in relation to a guide to using Speak On with Podcasts here is the Podcast I finished only about 2 hours ago.

I think it is OK.

Which hopefully will take you through the many different ways of accessing Podcasts with Speak ON.


In relation  to the User Access control – provided  the window is in focus – alt  Y should work or tabbing to the yes button and pressing enter.

I am not sure why this is not working for you. It has always worked for me in the past.


The only other option  is to reduce your notification levels in User Account to 0%. I can provide some instructions on this if required.


If Jaws speaking is disturbing  you then you can amend Jaws settings for Speak On but for  the moment

  1. Load Speak on.
  2. Press jaws key plus space – you should hear a tone.
  3. Press s and Jaws should say speech on demand and you will no longer hear Jaws interfering  and speaking at the same time in most areas of Speak ON.
  4. When you finish with Speak On repeat the key sequence and Jaws will say full speech to return you to normal.

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From: <> On Behalf Of David Diamond
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Subject: Re: QCast?


I’ve downloaded it on to my laptop.  I just can’t figure out how to add podcasts to it. There is probably a help section somewhere however, with JAWS speaking I can’t figure out how to access the help menu.  The prompt comes up right away and if I turn off JAWS, I can’t start the program of media suite because you have to allow the computer to get it to work, with no screen reader, you can’t allow the program to load.  Even clicking alt Y, does not seem to work.  Perhaps David could offer some assistance in this matter?   

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