Moderated Re: Need help with Blackboard

James English


IE does not work with blackboard, even if you can see. I primarily use
IE and got a sighted friend to check to see what was going wrong, and
apparently some of the buttons don't even display on the screen. Why
blackboard doesn't tell you this when you log in is beyond me, but if
you look at the layout of their website you can probably realise that
common sense is not their strongest suit.

- James

On 3/28/20, Kimber Gardner <kimbersinbox1963@...> wrote:
I'm not certain but I suspect she is using IE. I will suggest she
switch to chrome for a slightly better experience.


On 3/28/20, James English <james13english@...> wrote:

Which web browser is she using? I'm sad to say I can't offer much
comfort with blackboard, it is absolutely terrible. However, it's
somewhat less useless on chrome than IE.

- James

On 3/28/20, Kimber Gardner <kimbersinbox1963@...> wrote:
Hi all,

I have a friend who is taking a class and most of the work is being
done through Blackboard. She struggling a lot with the accessibility
or lack of it. She has both jaws and nvda for screen readers. Does
anyone have any tips or would be willing to help her?

I have no experience with blackboard and so am not much help to her.




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