moderated Re: Need help with Blackboard

Kimber Gardner

I'm not certain but I suspect she is using IE. I will suggest she
switch to chrome for a slightly better experience.


On 3/28/20, James English <> wrote:

Which web browser is she using? I'm sad to say I can't offer much
comfort with blackboard, it is absolutely terrible. However, it's
somewhat less useless on chrome than IE.

- James

On 3/28/20, Kimber Gardner <> wrote:
Hi all,

I have a friend who is taking a class and most of the work is being
done through Blackboard. She struggling a lot with the accessibility
or lack of it. She has both jaws and nvda for screen readers. Does
anyone have any tips or would be willing to help her?

I have no experience with blackboard and so am not much help to her.




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