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JM, I'm curious, what plugins did you get rid of to make Winamp a bit more stable, and what other things did you do?

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Date: Saturday, March 28, 2020, 9:21 AM
Subject: Accessibility of Vlc with Jaws?
Hey David.

Regarding winamp, there were a few things I did to set it up that made
it work better – iE, getting rid of some dead plugins. I also use
windows now to add stuff to playlists instead of doing this within the
programme itself; it seems a bit more stable. Anyway, nothing wrong with
having multiple players on your computer, either – I use VLC for video;
winamp for audio (keep considering switching to foobar and not doing it).

As for the VLC preferences, I used to be able to do what you are
describing. For quite some time now though, opening preferences (or in
fact any of the other dialogue screens) does not give any feedback at
all. As far as I know they are visually open, but screen-readers say
nothing. I don’t know when this started but I feel like it was prior to
the latest version being installed, which I have done. There must be
some setting that has altered which is not revealing this info to my
screen0-reader, but I am really not sure what it could be or what I must
change. Would be nice, though, if I knew.

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As far as I am aware I don’t have any problem accessing preferences in
VLC with either Jaws or NVDA. I just hit control P and tab through the

It may be that there are parts I am missing that I  am not aware of
though? What is the problem for you?

I have resisted upgrading to the absolutely latest version  of VLC I am
still on

I am glad others are still having a good experience with WinAmp. For me
on several Windows installs on both my Desktop and Laptop I was
experiencing lockup and crashes apart from the problem not playing some
modern radio streams which VLC seemed to have no problem with. This
experience made me personally think it was time to move on to something
that was still being developed and supported.

David Griffith

David Griffith

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nVDA still won't read preferences etc though for me. Does it work for
you? Otherwise, yeah  there is certainly more feedback for status and
things like that.

I have no trouble with Winamp and the latest build of windows 10, and I
use it for audio -- but I play a lot of vieos and VLC is hands down the
best player I have found for that. There's a lot of power under the hood
and really I've only scratched the surface.

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There are masses of keystroke  which work with VLC - in particular I
love the ability to speed up and slow down podcasts on the fly but I
agree that there is a big gap for scripts  providing information.

I have looked in vain for VLC scripts.

As a guide to  what could be done you only have to load the NVDA VLC
addon which completely transforms VLC information feedback. For example
or all the information you require you only have to press the I key.

Often I quit Jaws when I am going to be using VLC as the experience is
so much better supported.

to given that WinAmp is increasingly unsupported and to some extent
obsolete, I moved to VLC as WinAmp kept on crashing under Windows 10,
and failed to play some streams that VLC had no problem with, it seems
utterly bizarre that Jaws provides no support for VLC at all.

David Griffith

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Subject: Accessibility of Vlc with Jaws?

Seems to me that Vlc with Jaws isn’t that accessible? I did a Jaws+h
command, but I didn’t get any kind of help info. Can you with Jaws and
Vlc, see how long the audio is, how much time Elapsed and other info,
maybe with Jaws scripts? Thanks for experiences you guys might have with
this combo.


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