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james hooper

Is this a desktop application?


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I think the best Podcast App for Windows is Speak On Media Suite. It has certainly been fuller featured than QCast for years.


I confess an interest as I am nearing the end of making a Podcast series on Speak On – ironically I was recording the first part of  the 9th Podcast on the range of features in Speak On  today actually focussing on the app’s abilities as a Podcast Reader.

This should be ready in the next day or so.

It actually has 3 Podcasts apps within it application.

  1. Tunein Radio – if you have a free or paid Tunein account you  can search all the Podcasts and downloadable Radio Shows within  Tunein.  As well as streaming from Tunein you can download all downloadable content as well.
  2. The Main Podcast app – here you can search for Podcast in the normal way as in QCast.
  3.  However in addition you can also browse  a library for suggested other Podcasts. It is effectively a BBC Sounds app for example with Podcasts from all the BBC Stations. It also has categories from for example 50 most popular Podcasts etc. Of course you can also import and export OPML file of podcast or individual Podcast feeds from the web.
  4. There is also an optional VI Podcast app plugin which you can download and install from within the program which provides  a categorised  array of pre-selected specialist community and commercial Podcasts targeted at Visually Impaired users.
  5. All the Podcast apps allow on the fly adjustment of volume, audio playback speed and navigation via hot keys. Podcasts can be bookmarked and there is an auto resume feature which will always take you back to the place you left off listening to  a Podcast after you have shut down and re-started the program.


The Suite also has what is, as far as I am concerned by a country mile the best featured ePub Book reader,  far more featured than QRead, an Audio / Daisy Book app which again I think is the best featured audio book player. It is my preferred Audio Daisy Book reader more than FS Reader  but it does not support text based xml formats.

It also has a CD app for playing Audio and Daisy Audio CDs and also includes a full featured Music player.

If you are in the UK it also integrates directly into the RNIB Newsagent service for downloading Newspaper and Magazines, again via an optional additional app  Plugin downloadable within the app itself.

As well as Tunein Radio there is a specialist optional VI Radio app and also in one of my Podcasts I show how the Other Media app can also be used as a third  Internet Radio app using a downloadable Internet Radio folder playlist structure.

It is very full featured I am constantly astonished at how little attention it has garnered over the few years. This is why I have  been doing the Podcast series over the last few months demonstrating the capabilities of the app.

The main obstacle people tend to have is that the app is self voicing and uses eSpeak as the default voice on install. However I show in my first Podcast this can easily be changed to a Sapi 5 voice to make the app sound far more friendly. There are a few other aspects of the app which take a little getting used to, the main one being that the confirmation OK or cancel options are in the alt based menu system rather than buttons on dialogues boxes. This is fine once you get used to it however.


David Griffith


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From: ann
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Subject: QCast?





 For years, I have used the QCast program to download or play podcasts,

but although I was able to install and even activate it, it either won't

download podcast episodes or in many cases won't even add the podcast at




Anyone have any suggestions or a suggestion for other programs?










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