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$150. the $30 discount only applies if you opted for the free JAWS offer until June 30, at which time the Typability will also expire. the discounted offer for Typability only works with the free offer for JAWS. they are working on a version of Typability that will work with non expiring versions of JAWS, but even then the Typability will expire on June 30. so the price for Typability is still and will always be $150.


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How much does this product cost?


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The one good thing about David Pinto is that he makes this program fun
and rewarding in its own way. He spends thousands of hours perfecting
his scripts, and will provide help and documentation for his work. And
most important, he’ll make it work with Jaws, not no silly animation
such as Talking Typing Teacher.

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Certainly agree with your principle Glenn … though I am not sure it’s
always entirely wrong to profit from a niche market like  the disabled,
certainly the entire model should be different and it’s ridiculous that
the costs for some of these blindness-related products is so inflated.

I don’t know anything about typing tutorials nowadays, but I certainly
remember some on disk for the Apple II computer. In the mid/late 80s
when I was using the things, they were already old and I think most
software was already in the public domain or close to. There were a few
fun typing games … one that was kind of like space invaders and made use
of the limited Apple speaker sound capability as well as the Echo speech
synthesiser, whose pitch would increase as the letters got “closer” to
you. Fun times. Haha

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Honestly, typing is one of the most important skills lacking in the
Blind.  Mostly among the newly Blind.

However, with that in mind, in my opinion, I would state that it is
despicable to make profit off a typing program designed for the Blind.

I think makers of software for the Blind, or other disabilities if it
exists, need to stop making a living off the backs of the disabled, and
spearhead an open-source movement for specialized software for the
disabled,  and get a real job.

It will always be a small market and the cost will always be ten to
twenty times the cost to the consumer of similar software, to the
general public because of its limited market.

That is why the rehabilitation-specific software that state agencies
purchase cost a couple million dollars per agency and about a third of a
million annually to maintain it, for a product that by standards of
complexity could otherwise easily be done as open-source software.

I have a degree in business management, so it's not like I don't
understand how business works.  And I find it even worse when the
disabled themselves engage in profiting off their brothers and sisters,
especially when they have or still do exist on a disability-related income.

But to my original point, there needs to be an open-source typing
program designed for the Blind, because a good one would incorporate
some screenreader keyboard commands, Fun With Typability does this, I
don't recall if TTT does, it's been a long time since I taught with that
one.  So they are decent products in terms of what is needed, they only
need to be free to consumers.  Perhaps they should operate like some
programs do, free for home use, and a cost for business use.


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To be honest with you, I would have to agree. Talking Typing Teacher
although it is very helpful for training, I find that The company
that created the program isn’t helpful to its clients, and don’t let
your system break down. You will have to perches the program again,
meaning that you can only use it for the life of your hard drive. A
lot of people don’t know this. You are allowed to download the
software three times, but anything after three times you get no
reset codes, and unless you buy directly from them they will not
honor anyone buying outside of their company. Stores like Maxi aides
or an on-line company that sell their product cannot make any
decisions to reset your three activations.

Now, I’ve had dealings with the creator of the scripts, and decided
to move my clients over to Fun with Typability, because it’s set up
for the Jaws user.

They will work with you as well when it comes down to helpful hints
and training methods.


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This is a great program! Many people that I trained with it loved it
over talking typing teacher. All  you get is if you sessions for
free with the demo. After those sessions have been used, the program
is not usable until you purchase a license.


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On Mar 25, 2020, at 2:45 PM, Thabo Baseki
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Hi friends!

I’d love to train some people using the above mentioned program.

In a demo version, do I use it 15 times and that’s it? Has
anyone used it before? I do not know if my question is clear, if
not, please dear friends let me know.

Thank you!



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