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David Griffith

There are masses of keystroke which work with VLC - in particular I love the ability to speed up and slow down podcasts on the fly but I agree that there is a big gap for scripts providing information.

I have looked in vain for VLC scripts.

As a guide to what could be done you only have to load the NVDA VLC addon which completely transforms VLC information feedback. For example or all the information you require you only have to press the I key.

Often I quit Jaws when I am going to be using VLC as the experience is so much better supported.

to given that WinAmp is increasingly unsupported and to some extent obsolete, I moved to VLC as WinAmp kept on crashing under Windows 10, and failed to play some streams that VLC had no problem with, it seems utterly bizarre that Jaws provides no support for VLC at all.

David Griffith

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Seems to me that Vlc with Jaws isn’t that accessible? I did a Jaws+h command, but I didn’t get any kind of help info. Can you with Jaws and Vlc, see how long the audio is, how much time Elapsed and other info, maybe with Jaws scripts? Thanks for experiences you guys might have with this combo.

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