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What I’m noticing is that Jaws gets very sluggish while in the calendar view of outlook 2016. My fan kicks on and in general, everything slows down.
This is it with an Ike or seven processor, 16 GB of RAM at an SSD. My specs are fine. This sluggishness/heavy processor usage for me only started after the March update.
I wrote Vispero about this and they say they can’t reproduce it. Anyway, just something to throw out there in case others are experiencing the same.

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Where would I go to check this and I will then let you know.


Thanks and I would like to know now also.


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Subject: Latest JAWS consuming higher than normal memory?


Hey all,


So I installed the latest version of JAWS on this laptop 2 days ago. It’s been running overnight now because I’m using it for work, and I’m noticing something odd. Usually JAWS occupies around 200 MB or so of RAM, tops. At the minute, it’s up around 4 GB of RAM. I mean, I have 16 so that’s not a huge issue, but that seems slightly odd. Anyone else having this problem? This is on Windows 10’s latest build.

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