moderated Jaws2020 and Windows10 Mail?

Gerardo Corripio <gera1027@...>

Gerardo (Gera) from Mexico saying hello, and am very loking forward to learning all I can about Jaws! It’s been years since I’ve used it! Thus I’m too trying to refresh myself on overall functioning of the screen reader. I’m trying out the 3-month license that FS put out a few days ago to help with the Covid19, and I’m very impressed how it works with Windows10 in general! I’m using Jaws versión 2020.2003.13.

However with Windows10 Mail it’s a disaster! When reading Emails, focus seems to loos itself! Having to with f6, go back to the Email itself! Also while typing Emails, I hear a constant buzzing sound,which I imagine it’s the spelling detection? How does one turn that off?

Thanks for any info; this is so frustrating!


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