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Glenn / Lenny

Good question, I downloaded some scripts for putty and they seem to do nothing for Jaws 2019 or Jaws 16 when using putty.
The thing it needs to do is to echo what is going on in the window, so one does not have to keep routing the jaws cursor and reading between commands.

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I have a question on scripts in general. If I download the executable file for scripts, do  simply run the .exe file and the program automatically places the scripts where they need to be?

What’s the procedure for putting scripts where they need to be to work with JAWS?

Thanks. John Riehl


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From Top Tech Tidbits:


7. JAWS Scripts for Slack.  These free scripts make the text chat portion accessible and provide other enhancements:



8. JAWS Scripts for Unigram Telegram Client.  Telegram seems to be gaining traction as a messenger client. These scripts make this Windows client more accessible:



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