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There used to be an option on the File menu in Office programs for "Send as attachment". In recent versions, this has been replaced by a "file Share" button on the Home ribbon. It's toward the far right end of the ribbon, past the Styles group. The shortcut to open this dialog of options is Alt, then z, then S. There are options to make your document into the body of the email or to attach it to a message. Like others, I prefer to grab files from File Explorer and attach them, but I think this alternative may be what you were asking for. It does assume that Outlook is your default email program. If not, you'll need to make that the case before trying to use the feature.

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I believe Outlook uses Word to process text. So when you create a message, Word is the editor. If you want to send a Word file, follow the instructions from previous posts. If you want to open an attachment in Word, shift-tab from the message and you should be on the title of the attachment. Press enter to open it, or good old ctrl+c to copy it in order to paste it into your documents or other folder. There are free FS webinars on using Outlook, and others on JAWS with Word. NVDA for about $20 has an excellent textbook on Outlook, as well as another on Word.

To get to the FS webinar page,
1. press insert+j to get to the JAWS page.
2. Press alt+h (help).
3. Press 'r' (resources).
4. Press 'w' (webinars).
5. Find the link to archived webinars and explore/download the treasures there.
At 10:21 PM 3/25/2020, you wrote:
Hi all, Hope Everyone are staying safe in their house. I have a
question on how to connect Outlook to word. Does any one know the steps
on connect Outlook to word to make sending attachment easier. I'm going
to use Outlook as my default email service to use with my homework
assignment from my high school's distance learning session  during
the Corona Virus. Hope to hear from you.
Best regardsÂ
Michael MunnÂ

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