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Gerald Levy

Not exactly sure what you're asking.  Does your client already have a JAWS license that will soon expire and so wants to extend it to June 30?  Or does your client want to try JAWS for free for the first time for three months before deciding to purchase a one-year license? Or perhaps your client is currently using an older version of JAWS and wants to upgrade to JAWS 2020, in which case he should visit the following page to activate the free license which will run until June 30, at which time he can purchase a full one-year license for $90:


On 3/24/2020 11:43 AM, James Malone wrote:
Hi Gerald, I have a client who just wants to upgrade. What would you suggest so I can relay the info?

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If you already have a one-year JAWS license that will expire soon and would like to extend it to June 30under the terms of the free offer, call FS at 800-444-4443and choose option 1, then option 3. Be sure to have your serial number ready and tell the agent that you would like to extend your license to June 30. The agent will update your authorization, and you will not need to visit the FS web site to obtain a new activation code. Once the agent has updated your authorization, go to the update activation dialog on the license submenu on the JAWS help menu, and go through each page to reactivate JAWS. I justdid this myself, and was able to extend my license expiration from May 6 to June 30. Hey, every little bit helps. All FS telephone agents are now working from home, so you should not have trouble getting through to someone.


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