Re: [Bulk] Microsoft Outlook 2010 crashing issue

Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

That's exactly what was happening to me on our Internet apps right after
the change from 10 to 13. A combination of a new clean computer and a
later IE put natters right. I hated the idea of rolling back, and am
really glad I hung in.


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No kidding. I thought it was just me. Yes, that object API for Office
really can cause some issues since it is used almost completely free of
jaws scripting alone.
I wonder if office 2012 would be better for me. I haven't kept track,
but is there even an office 2012? If so, I'm ordering it from the V.A. I
get these kinds of things free since they cater towards me. I just have
to call a million times and bug them until they are tired of dealing
with me. I have a lousy VIST coordinator. She is supposed to send me
back up to Palo Alto, Ca to train for the iPhone. Anyway, I digress...
I think they are using delays without allowing the program to perform
tasks in the background. Like a Delay(10,0) makes it so everything on
the system stop processing while jaws catches up, and a Delay(10, 1)
allows background applications to continue its processing. Wish they
would put in a safety in there so you don't end up in a constant loop of
waiting. My JAWS sometimes does not recover and I have to tell my wife
to click the close outlook button after it puts up that non responsive
dialog window. I think I should complain to freedom scientific about
this. Either that or hope office 2012 is out there and will be better
with JAWS 13.

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I'm using Outlook 2007 and notice that JAWS 13 (on Windows 7) sometimes
pauses for a period of 20 or so seconds and then the message I was
reading finally closes. Happens once or twice a day, so not very often.
It's not a crash in this situation.

However I have noticed that JAWS will lock up once in a while in the
calendar if I try to move through dates too quickly, or have just made a
change to an appointment.

This crash requires that I use the Insert+Windows+F4 keystroke, and even
also launching Narrator before I can break the jam.

So I do see what you're experiencing, but not as often.

It sucks, but I'm just hoping that over time, FS will figure out what's
going on and fix it. Frankly I think there's a memory overlap with the
object model and system memory. As long as the object model clears and
does not "leak" it stays away from system memory. I'm no expert, but
somehow I think JAWS has become such a memory hog that it's encroaching
on areas of memory where it isn't welcome.

Dave Carlson
Sent from somewhere in the Western United States, using a Dell Latitude
E6520 and Windows 7

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Hi all,
I have tried this in both JAWS 12 and JAWS 13 and it seems that Outlook
crashes quite frequently and locks up JAWS. There seems to be many
delays in
the program that cause it to lock up, like sloppy coding for example.
Whenever I reply to a message or start a new one, or just read emails,
Outlook just locks up and I get a long delay followed by JAWS locking
Sometimes if I wait long enough and alt tab away I can gain control
but most of the time the crash message comes up for outlook. I really
Outlook because of my several profiles to choose from, but it really
bugs me
that this issue happens all the time. I haven't reinstalled Office yet,
I am not sure that will help. I think JAWS is doing something to lock up
Anyone having these kinds of issues with Outlook 2010?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
John Martyn

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