moderated Re: Downloading and using Kindle books with JAWS

Jim Fettgather

Using the latest Jaws, and the latest version of Kindle for PC, I am
able to use standard Jaws reading commands just like reading a Word
Of course, the book will read with whatever Jaws voice you like to
use, no propritary reading commands or strange voices.

On 3/23/20, Richard Turner <> wrote:
Frankly, the last thing I would want to do is read Kindle books on my
computer using Jaws.
I bought a new book recently that would not allow download; so I couldn't
use Codex, but because I bought the Kindle book I could get the Audible
version for about half price, so I did.
Otherwise, I only use Codex and then read it on my iPhone with Voice Dream

For me, when I thought I was stuck using the computer, control+t worked well
enough. It would start over a sentence or two before the place I stopped,
but not much more than that.

I bailed on that as soon as I found the deal on the audible version though.

Just my 2ยข Worth.

"There's a nap for that." - an anonymous cat in a window in Portland,

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I have probably twenty Kindle books, and if it weren't for Codex, I couldn't
read any of them. All I can make my Kindle software do is read with the
default Microsoft Core voice when I pres CTRL/T. If I choose to read in this
way, I can't pause and restart the reading. It always starts from the
beginning again. Using my braille display is also useless. What on earth am
I doing wrong?

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