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There are Jaws scripts for GoldWave.


However, I did the bulk of my CD ripping with iTunes and backed all that up on an external drive.


But if you are not an iTunes user, then any of those other programs will work fine.


We decided we didn’t need 700 physical CD’s taking up space, because, as my wife says, “There are no luggage racks on a hearse.”






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I don't use Goldwave, but "that other screen reader" has a Goldwave add-on.  I have no idea whether scripts for JAWS exist for Goldwave or not.

I decided to do a quick check on Audacity with regard to MP3:  "Audacity 2.3.2 replaces all previous versions for Windows, macOS and Linux.  Improvements: Audacity now includes the LAME mp3 encoder. Previously, due to now expired patents, you had to download it separately."

Nermin is absolutely correct that Windows Media Player can rip commercially produced CDs, which employ cda audio "under the hood," to MP3.  That's how I do it.  There are lots of other options as well, but WMP is probably the easiest.

I also love and recommend Anyburn for creating CDs.  That being said, it is far more important that you keep backups of this newly digitized material.  If you do not currently own an external USB backup drive, and are not taking routine full system image backups of your system, along with separate user data backups, now would be the time to institute that practice.  Burnable optical media is notorious for being unstable over long periods of time, not to mention that optical drives are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

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