moderated Converting/Saving audio media

Justin Mcdevitt



I am currently going through a fair number of cassette tapes, containing spoken conversations, as well as  audio CDS many of them containing various XM radio music programs and specials.

Using JAWS, what programs are available where I could insert the CD in my PC and convert them to MP3 files, where I can store multiple CDS on one single MP3 disc.

Related to this issue, I have an older CD player though I am not sure if it has the capacity to create MP3 files. I would guess there is a program that can help make this happen. In truth, I really have not converted any media to an MP3 format, so would appreciate some direction/assistance from those of you who are familiar with this process.

Regarding the cassette tapes, I have an old cassette deck, which I could use to transfer specific content onto an MP3 disc. Again, assistance with regard to this process is really appreciated.

I would really like to preserve some of this content, both spoken word and audio as it is a part of my personal history.


Best to all, Justin  

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