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Mike B.

I'm running J2020.2003.13.400, the March build, and it works the way it's supposed to.  Ron, do you have the, Speak Dollars, option checked in Settings Center / Default all applications / Text Processing / Under Number and Date processing?
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I think you may have found a bug.
Under Number and Date processing in Jaws settings center, there is a checkbox for Say Dollar.  If checked, it is supposed to do what you want.
But for me, checked or unchecked it says the same thing.
The text after  that checkbox is:
When selected, numbers preceded by a dollar sign are read using the dollars and cents format. For example, $9.95 is read as nine dollars and ninety five cents. To read monetary values less than a dollar, a zero is required to represent dollars. For example, $0.02 is read as two cents.


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Good morning to all, from Ron Kolesar.
Noticed the following when speaking dollar signs.
For some weird reason it's saying dollar and the figures, instead of saying the figures then the word dollars.
For example, for $2.00 it will say dollar two instead of two dollars.
How can we fix this?
Many thanks.
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