jaws double speaks in some text edit fields

Nickus de Vos <bigboy529@...>

Hi all, I'm using windows 7 with jaws 13. A week or so ago something
started happening on the internet in text edit fields, I don't know if
it happend after a update or if I changed some settings. If I type
something in to a text edit field e.g. in to google search, it repeats
what ever I typed twice and if I arrow through the typed word it again
each time reads the entire search term twice before reading the
letter. e.g. if I type jaws in to google search and tab down to the
search button it will say "jaws, Jaws" and if I arrow through the word
jaws in the text edit field, it would say jaws, jaws with each arrow
press and then only say the letter J A W S. Any ideas how to fix this
or what the problem is? It's very anoying.

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