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Andrew J. LaPointe

Thank you, I will work with this as it is good to be able to find various files.  Again, Thank you. 


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On Sat, Mar 21, 2020 at 11:23 AM, Sandra Streeter wrote:


That only throws you into the search box if you're in File Explorer, which is not the situation being described.

There are several possible options here.  My preferred one, if you tend to search by file name and file name alone, is to use the Everything Search by voidtools rather than Windows Search.  It's both easier and faster and entirely accessible.

If you wish to limit the native Windows Search strictly to files with a given extension, you can use the ext: operator, so hitting the Windows Key, entering "lion* ext:docx", without the quotes, would return only MS-Word files whose name begins with lion or what contain lion in the file content.  There are scads of different operators, and they can be combined.  See:
or any number of other tutorials you can find via web search.  I do not know whether the tables shown in the second of the above tutorials are actual tables or screen shots, but there are many resources regarding the "prefix operators" as I'll call them that limit the scope of the search.  I just found this Microsoft Query Syntax page that gets into the prefix operators you can use.

But, if searching by file name, I prefer Everything Search.  I only use Windows Search when I can't recall part of the file name but can somehow remember something distinctive about the file content.

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