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Hi David,

this is one of the reasons why edge chromium has become my favorite browser. Sadly, some shortcuts keys or at least a feature to customize shortcut keys needs to be added. Those voices are quite amazing, I'm not an English native speaker, so I can tell you that the English voices are the most clear synthetic voices I've heard from my prospective as a language learner of course. As for the left right slider, This is a serious issue that latest version of jaws 2020 haven't been able to fix. This is important. It's a screen reader issue and not a browser issue. How do I know? Very simple, you can access this slider with no problems using n v d a.

On 3/21/2020 8:38 AM, David Kingsbury wrote:

Hi all,


The new Edge has a very nice feature called Immersive Reader that strips out clutter on busy web pages for a cleaner read. There is a read aloud button that reads text out loud with various voices, and this totally clears out the clutter. Note that this is not a screen reader voice, but a voice that everybody can hear, and the voice quality is good. Only problem is that it reads at a “sighted person” speed, in other words, painfully slow. While there is a left/right slider for adjusting the voice rate, it does not seem accessible. Does anybody know if there is a shortcut key that could be used to adjust this voice rate?





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