moderated Re: Outlook 2010&Spell Check


Hi Jim,

The issue might be because of the older version of Windows that you are using or it might be possible
 that you might be caused by the less RAM in the system 4GB or less.

Try updating to the latest version of Windows that is Windows 10 and increase the RAM to either 8 GB or more if your system supports it, and there won't be any lag.

There might be some incompatibility because of the old version of Windows old version.

Hope this helps


On Sat, Mar 21, 2020 at 6:29 AM Jim L <jimscave@...> wrote:

Heya Folks,


For ages now on previous versions of Jaws as well as this latest version have always had huge problems with lagging during and using of the Microsoft Outlook 2010 Spell checker, there’s never been a fix for this is it just me with this issue or is there others out there too? Am running Windows 7, 64bit Home edition.






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