moderated Re: Issues with "I'm not a robot"


Recaptcha is the Google CAPTCHA system. if you are using Chrome as your browser, and are logged into your Google account when you visit the site, pressing the spacebar should check the box and verify you as a human.


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Subject: Re: Issues with "I'm not a robot"

are you logged into your google account before you go to the page?
some sites use the google captcha and if you are logged in i think it just
has a verify button and when you click on it it will by pass the captcha

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Subject: Issues with "I'm not a robot"


I’m having trouble with trying to communicate with a business via email from
their web site. When it says “I’m not a robot checkbox not checked it will not
allow me to check that to let them know I’m not a robot. I’ve tried pressing
the space bar and I’ve tried pressing enter to no avail. Is there another way
to get that checked to say “I’m not a robot checkbox checked?

Thank you for any help.


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