moderated Re: Issues with "I'm not a robot"

Shirley Tracy

Some websites won’t let the checkbox be checked until you enter the text they want. My challenge: even if I use the audible and hear the letters and/or numbers, I can’t always get them typed into the place where they should go.





Shirley Tracy


From: Laura Richardson
Sent: Friday, March 20, 2020 6:43 PM
Subject: Issues with "I'm not a robot"




I’m having trouble with trying to communicate with a business via email from their web site.  When it says “I’m not a robot checkbox not checked it will not allow me to check that to let them know I’m not a robot.  I’ve tried pressing the space bar and I’ve tried pressing enter to no avail.  Is there another way to get that checked to say “I’m not a robot checkbox checked?


Thank you for any help.





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