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JM Casey

The last time I took a stab, I was kind of frustrated that the menus do not automatically read with my JFW version at least (2018) and you have to use the JAWS cursor if you want to go through choices. If you know how many times to arrow or if you know the keyboard shortcuts, that’s no problem really, but I was new to the programme and didn’t know any of that. The menus did read automatically in NVDA as I remember. And maybe newer JAWS VERSIONS WORK MORE RESPONSIVELY WITH Libre.


If not…

You can use Openoffice. It is not updated with the frequency that Libre is, but it is very similar, and as far as I know is not actually *dead*. The Writer appears to work quite well with JAWS.




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There are a whole set of tutorials on using Libre Office Writer on the following link.

They assume using NVDA but I  imagine most if not all of it will be transferable to Jaws also.



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Yes, Jaws works very well with jart and liberal office as well. I like using jart a lot, have a great day.


On Thu, Mar 19, 2020, 6:21 PM ann <tate886@...> wrote:


Does anyone know if Jaws 2020 works with alternate word processors like
Jarte or OpenOffice or Libre Office? I'm looking for alternate to MS Word.



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