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Press insert plus z to disable virtual cursor. If you have any control over this though, use Google docs.

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Subject: Microsoft Word 365 on the web
For reasons I won’t bore you all with, it looks like my only option for opening and editing documents is through the web version of Ms Word 365.

However, I have never used it online, and non-visually it seems to be rather different than using the installed app.
If I start at the top of the document, or anywhere, pushing down arrow, instead of saying what’s on the next line, it says: “Edit, contains text, type and text.”
But doesn’t say what the text is.
If the line or field is a heading or title or something like that, it says that, but also doesn’t read the text though.

The current document, and other documents I have tried, are documents I created myself, in the Microsoft Word app a few weeks ago. Nothing wrong with the documents. Additionally, as far as I can tell, if I try to type on the line where it has just said: “Edit, contains text, type and text.” It is not actually typing anything.

Does anyone what’s going on here? Is the web version usable with screen readers?
How does this work?


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