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On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 12:33 PM, Rick Mladek wrote:
Now, what does this show in groups do?
Exactly what it's name implies, and in the case of the default settings, that grouping is by date.  So, in your typical Outlook message listing it will start with the Today group (which is generally expanded along with several of the "more recent messages" groups that follow), then Yesterday, then each of the days of this current week, working back to Sunday.  After that there will be groups for Last Week, Two Weeks Ago, Three Weeks Ago, Last Month, then, finally, the Older group.

When you're arrowing up or down through your message list and, say, you know the message you're cruising to find came in Yesterday (and lets presume that Yesterday in this case is Tuesday) if you suddenly encounter the Monday group you know you've either missed it, or you're not remembering the correct day it came in.  But even when grouping is on, it's there as a quick convenience for seeing groups of messages from specific time periods.  The sort order, if kept in the default of newest to oldest, by date, will have all the conversations arranged that way or, if you turn conversation view off, all of the individual messages arranged that way.

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