moderated Re: How to make Jaws show links on a braille disply

Cohn, Jonathan

Might be some double typing here, the new editor is not working well for me. 
If you have status cells then the status cells should show you links, buttons, lists, menus...
If not there is an item in the Braille settings area of Jaws setting center for structured mode called "type". The help for this field is:
Select an option to determine where control type information will be included in the structured line. Off, does not display control type information. On, includes it in the main cells of the display with the rest of the structured data. On (In Status Cells), displays it in the status cells of the braille display. The default setting is On (In Status Cells).

In th
e advanced area of the structure section, you can change the abbreviations used on the display to indicate controls.


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