moderated Re: annoying verbosity in Outlook since yesterday's update


On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 11:35 AM, John Doering wrote:

Try this:

Alt then arrow over to view.

Arrow down, then tab to arrange by button and hit enter.

Tab to show in groups and uncheck with space bar.

This should kick you out and should be good.

I am using Windows 10, JAWS 2019, and Outlook 13 I believe.

Just slightly quicker, ALT+V, AB, W   (View Ribbon, Arrange By, Show in Groups) will toggle grouping on/off, depending on its current state.  It saves a lot of tabbing and arrowing.

In Outlook 2016 this works precisely as you described.  The default view, for decades now, has been Conversation view with Group by date.  If folks had grouping off, then at some time in the distant past someone turned it off.  It appears that this latest update turned it back on.  This sort of settings switch on update has become increasingly rare over the last few years, but it still occasionally happens.


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