moderated Re: annoying verbosity in Outlook since yesterday's update

Jessica D <jldail13@...>


Yes, I find this feature helpful, so will probably leave it enabled, and wait for someone else to chime in.







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Subject: Re: annoying verbosity in Outlook since yesterday's update


your outlook is set to arrange by groups, dates.

I'm not at my computer right now, but you can turn off that feature in outlook.

If you want it left on, but want Jaws to ignore it, maybe Mike B, or someone else who knows Jaws settings better will chime in.



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On Mar 18, 2020, at 7:37 AM, John Doering <john.doering@...> wrote:

I have noticed the same thing.

Will be tuning in to see if someone has a fix.





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Subject: annoying verbosity in Outlook since yesterday's update




Using latest Windows 1909, Outlook 2016, and yesterday’s update of jaws the following announcement keeps repeating as I arrow down through mail in my inbox:

Group By: Expanded: Date: Yesterday

Each time I get to a message with a different date this announcement occurs. I’ve unchecked many verbosity setting in Outlook but can’t quiet this message. Suggestions?



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