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Hi All,

Pressing the below command takes you directly to the View Pane.
ALT + V + G
and then scroll down to select Group by options like Name, Type, SizeĀ 

This is the easiest option that I always use.

Hope thisĀ helps


On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 7:39 AM Norma A. Boge <naboge@...> wrote:
Hi Elise, thanks for posting your question. That setting was driving me batty and I just hadn't taken the time to post a message here. Best, Norma

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Hello, all.
For some reason, under "this pc" these annoying row headers have shown up. It is like my downloads, etc. are listed by "earlier this week", "yesterday", etc. I need to get rid of these headers. Can someone help me out? Thanks.
Windows 10, JAWS 2018
Elise Berkley

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