moderated Re: JAWS reads out passwords instead of reading "star, star"


On Mon, Mar 16, 2020 at 04:35 PM, Shai wrote:
On the websites that have this activity, is the show password on the website checked?
Never thought of that, which could be.  That being said, the show password option (usually a button at the right side of the password text entry box) will always default to off unless you activate it.  And even if you activate it, it should only work for that instance.  I have never seen show password being toggled on persisting over time.

I am endlessly amazed how often the request is made to either show and/or announce passwords when typed.  Whether it's at home alone or not, it's just bad practice that's very hard to wean yourself off of if you use it frequently.  It makes a lot more sense to use a password manager and either copy and paste or, for many sites and with a number of password managers, have it automatically enter your login ID and password for you.  The automated population of those fields is being made more difficult these days by design, as it prevents machine based attempts to log in via scripting that uses the same technique.  Some sites are even making it impossible to paste a password in to a password field.   It really pays to use what I call, The Portmanteau Method of Creating Passwords, and typing yourself all the time.  Passwords created that way tend to roll very quickly off the fingers after you are fully acclimated to your chosen fixed elements and where you fix them.  They also become incredibly easy to remember, or even guess, for the individual that created them but only that individual.

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