moderated Re: JAWS reads out passwords instead of reading "star, star"


I hope that one of these days Vispero clues in and stops making me, and others who use JAWS only occasionally and only in demo mode, have to restart our computers if they've been on for more than 40 minutes.  How long the computer has been on is irrelevant when I haven't touched JAWS in several months.  I'd be perfectly happy for it to start counting, and remember how long it's been used, cutting you off at the 40 minute limit, but the whole thing of looking at how long the machine has been running rather than how long JAWS has been running is ridiculous.

I can't even help with JAWS 2019, as I'm not about to restart my machine at the moment.

Forgive the venting, I now return you to someone else who can look into JAWS settings and use the search feature to find password, which has to be in there, somewhere.  It's either that, or a script.

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