moderated Re: Amazon, JAWS, and Firefox


You could try running Firefox with add-ons disabled to see if one of your extensions is at fault


The option can be found under the help menu to disable addons





From: Shirley Tracy
Sent: 15 March 2020 14:15
Subject: Amazon, JAWS, and Firefox


Hello Group:


I have another Amazon dilemma and hope someone can help me. I find that Firefox works best with JAWS on Amazon, but I have to switch to Internet Explorer in order to check out. With Firefox, I get a message at checkout that there was an error. With IE, I can check out but I prefer using Firefox so end up using 2 different brousers to complete one task. Do any of you know what could be wrong? I called the disability number and they had no idea.


Thanks for any help.



Shirley Tracy



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