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Adrian Spratt



I understand your frustration, but it’s crucial to diagnose the problem correctly. JAWS cannot delete emails. What can happen, I suspect, is that sometimes when we make a mistake, JAWS doesn’t alert us in time for us to stop the harm. One evening last summer when I was really tired and distracted, I accidentally deleted 142 crucial messages. I tried every trick in the book to retrieve them, including some clever tips I found through Google. However, I know what I did wrong. Instead of using Outlook’s control-shift-v to move those messages elsewhere, a command I’ve used every day for years, I used control-x,  the traditional cut command used in conjunction with the control-c copy command. Somehow that keystroke, perhaps in combination with another keystroke right after, led to untraceable, permanent deletion.


I’m guessing a person with sight with see the consequences of such mistakes on the screen and be able to fix them. For instance, had I known the mistake I’d made, I would have immediately typed control-z to undo my last action. But by the time I realized what had happened, I was a step or two beyond any help the undo command could give me.


Unfortunately, mistakes aren’t always immediately obvious to those of us who must rely on our other senses. JAWS requires that we be seriously attentive.


From: <> On Behalf Of Dan Longmore
Sent: Friday, March 13, 2020 7:49 PM
Subject: Outlook and JAWS



  JAWS 2020 seems to have ongoing issues with Outlook.  Today I forwarded a message in Outlook and somehow JAWS managed to delete several e-mails.  The mail is gone from Outlook, Web Mail and is not in my trash or other folders.  I am using JAWS 2020, Outlook 365 , and Windows 10 home latest version.  Outlook behaves properly with sighted person and yet gets a bit sluggish with JAWS.  This latest bug reminds me again of how much I appreciate Narrator.  I truly believe JAWS has become so interested in new features that they are failing to catch bugs that are cropping up in programs that are critical to so many.




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