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On Thu, Mar 12, 2020 at 12:06 PM, Gerald Levy wrote:
But once you remove the offending KB update, how do you prevent Windows 10 from automatically installing it again
You don't, at least if it's not an optional update.

People need to accept that, occasionally, even perfect updates (when we're talking about the whole embedded base of users) will "burp" when installing on a given machine.  Who knows why and, when it's on a statistically insignificant number, who cares?

Very often uninstalling then promptly reinstalling actually fixes the problem.  Or just uninstalling and waiting for Windows Update to fetch that update again, or a cumulative update that follows it.

This is a normal, and typical, part of owning a computer and has been for decades.  It just happens every once in a blue moon for any given user.  Knowing how to roll back, and then either intentionally reapplying or just sitting back and waiting, without nail-biting, is the way to go.

When there are genuinely bad updates these "make the press" and these days, with OS telemetry, tend to get stopped in their tracks long before any but the few poor souls who happen to be in the very earliest cohort(s) have been affected.  That's cold comfort to them, but it also points out why having an external backup drive and a backup protocol you follow on a regular cycle is a basic element of computer ownership if you value your data and not having to reconfigure Windows from scratch in the event of a catastrophic failure from any of a number of causes.  If you don't take backups you will, at some point, lose everything.  And I can say that from personal experience (which is what made me wise up and begin backing up) and much professional observation.  It may be only once in a lifetime, but . . .

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