moderated Re: need help please re a win 10 update I just did


it would be useful if you could find out and post which kb number the update is that triggered this issue, or what the ok and not now buttons are referring to?

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From: Mario []
Date: Thursday, March 12, 2020, 11:04 AM
Subject: need help please re a win 10 update I just did
I don't know if the following will work for you, but I don't see that it
will harm anything:

press windows+i to open settings,
press tab and spacebar on system,
press tab, arrow to and spacebar on notifications and actions,
press tab (a few times) to Show me the Windows welcome experience after
updates and occasionally when I sign in to highlight what’s new and
suggested check box.

if it is checked, spacebar to uncheck it and alt+f4.

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From: Hank William Merchant []
To: <>
Date: Thursday, March 12, 2020, 9:58 AM
Subject: need help please re a win 10 update I just did
Win 10 just did an update again on my laptop a few minutes ago and my
sighted wife just told me that now when I start up my laptop and before
jaws starts talking, there is now a pesty win10 screen that comes up
asking if you want to learn more about win 10 or learn more about some
new features of win10 and there is a couple of buttons that you can
cllick on that I personally cannot see since Jaws is not talking yet,
one button is an “okay” button and one is a “not now” button, so my
sighted wife clicked for me on the “not now” button and then my win10
came up finally in a couple of seconds after that with the startup chime
and the win 10 desktop and then like always my jaws18 program started
Any ideas on how I can tell my win10 program to skip this pesty win10
screen I now get when I start up my laptop, before Jaws has a chance to
load and start talking? Any help with this would be so very much
appreciated. Much, much thanks in advance for any help I can maybe get
with this.
All the best,
Warmest regards,
Jaws18 totally blind user


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