moderated need help please re a win 10 update I just did

Hank William Merchant

Win 10 just did an update again on my laptop a few minutes ago and my sighted wife just told me that now when I start up my laptop and before jaws starts talking, there is now a pesty win10 screen that comes up asking if you want to learn more about win 10 or learn more about some new features of win10 and there is a couple of buttons that you can cllick on that I personally cannot see since Jaws is not talking yet,
one button is an “okay” button and one is a “not now” button, so my sighted wife clicked for me on the “not now” button and then my win10 came up finally in a couple of seconds after that with the startup chime and the win 10 desktop and then like always my jaws18 program started talking
Any ideas on how I can tell my win10 program to skip this pesty win10 screen I now get when I start up my laptop, before Jaws has a chance to load and start talking? Any help with this would be so very much appreciated. Much, much thanks in advance for any help I can maybe get with this.
All the best,
Warmest regards,
Jaws18 totally blind user

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