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Delaunay Christophe

Hi Brian,


Many thanks for your help. In fact, it works sometimes also on my system but not always. I must admit I was misled by those two lists, namely “Recent suggestions” and “Other suggestions”.


In the article pointed to by Sieghard earlier in this thread, it is mentioned that you can only delete “recent suggestions”, not “other suggestions”.


So, sometimes, the trick is to press enough letters for the address I want to delete to appear as a “recent suggestion” instead of “other suggestions”. Sometimes, it works but sometimes, although I type enough letters for the popup to contain less than 5 items, all of them belong to “other suggestions” and therefore, I cannot delete any of them.


So, here is my new question: Is there a reliable way to let an address appear as “recent suggestion” rather than “other suggestion”? Or is there an alternative accessible way to remove an “other suggestion” without needing to erase the whole list of suggestions please?


Many thanks and sorry for my misleading. Have a nice day. Chris D


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I have someone for whom I've done custom scripting work write to me over the last several days saying the scripts that had been fine for well over a year now suddenly stopped working.  The version where they stopped working:  Microsoft Outlook Subscription Version 16.0.12527.20242

Rolling back to Microsoft Outlook Subscription Version 16.0.12527.20194 brought 'em back to life.

I have actual, locally installed, Office 2016 which includes Outlook.  Office 365, while sharing a lot of DNA with Office 2016 and 2019, is still a different animal that could have different bugs introduced.

When I go into the File Tab, Office Account Tab, and look under About Outlook it says that it's on Version 2002 (Build 12527.20242 Click-to-Run).  My Office is Office Professional Plus 2016.


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