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The tutorial I am remembering with regard to using screen reader drag and drop for Thunderbird column rearranging was written by Gene NZ (his online moniker) on his site, specifically the page:

The pertinent section:

Using drag and drop with NVDA to rearrange column headers in Mozilla Thunderbird

If you would like to move a column from one area to another in the email header, you will need to tab from tree view into your email message list. Next put NVDA into object navigation mode.  Use the NVDA key + the number 1 on the numeric keypad to do this.

If I wanted to move a particular column to another location (IE before or after the current column) I would do the following in the header of the email.

From the message list, I would press the NVDA key + the number 4 on the numeric keypad until I heard the name of the column I wanted to move (for example Status). I would then press NVDA + Numpad divide (above the number 8 on the numeric keypad) to route the mouse pointer there. Then you would press Shift + Numpad divide again to lock the left mouse button. Press the NVDA key + Numpad 4 again a number of times until you hear the name of the column immediately before the column I want to move the selected column to (for example next to unread). Press the NVDA key + Numpad divide to put the mouse pointer there, and press the Shift key + Numpad divide to unlock the left mouse button.

Please note: You can also use the NVDA key + the number 6 on the numeric keypad to move it back the other way then unlock it in that position.

Now, when you arrow down or up your messages, you will notice the difference when NVDA reads it out.

For an audio tutorial on how to insert and remove columns in Mozilla Thunderbird, as well as moving your column from one position to another using drag and drop with NVDA, please visit the following link

Even though it's written for NVDA the parallel concepts in JAWS for doing these steps apply.


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