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Leo, when I setup TB for the first time, I was a bit annoyed that there isn't a simple way to do this thru TB (I believe there is, but no one discovered how to yet), so I used an addon for NVDA that simplifies rearranging the order of column headers. so if you have NVDA, install the addon (the one for Mozilla enhancements) and issue the keystroke to rearrange the columns the way you like.

I know you are using JAWS, but I think it is better to make the change via TB because the change will be there as opposed to being screen reader dependant.

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From: Leo []
Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 9:21 AM
Subject: re arranging columns in thunderbird
Hi everyone,

I want to have jaws telling me the correspondent  info, ((the sender),
before everything else.

Time back, I did it using  the customize list view, but now I find it
rather confusing,because I can't figure  out

the location of the columns in the dialogue box that pops up when I  go
through all the options of customize list view.

In previous versions of jaws, the columns were listed, so all I had to
do was to select a column and tab to find the options to move up or move
down, according to what I wanted.

can this be done now?

I'm using jaws 2020 and latest thundderbird.



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