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Abraham Sweiss

I wonder if the issue is specific to the browser and search engine being used. The reason I stayed this is because I have never run into this issue, however I do not use ie 11.

Can a test be done using either Google chrome or Firefox and then going to

And then see if the issue persists.

If you do not have fire fox or Google Chrome installed, just do a search for the downlights site and then install.


On Mar 11,e 2020, at 4:59 AM, Angel <angel238@...> wrote:

I employ IE 11, I think, as my browser.  When I search for something on the internet:  Jaws reads a continuous list of choices, as I am writing my search term

  Which is most annoying.  I should like Jaws to remain silent.  As I am typing the search term.  That I might not be distracted.  While writing my search terms.  How can I cause Jaws not to speak.  While attempting to write search terms?

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