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first let us know exactly which browser you are using. if you're using JAWS, NVDA or probably what ever screen reader, press insert+t to hear the program you're using. telling us "I think" most likely won't elicit an appropriate response if someone knows the answer.

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Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 4:59 AM
Subject: Question regarding searching:
I employ IE 11, I think, as my browser.  When I search for something on
the internet:  Jaws reads a continuous list of choices, as I am writing
my search term

  Which is most annoying.  I should like Jaws to remain silent.  As I
am typing the search term.  That I might not be distracted.  While
writing my search terms.  How can I cause Jaws not to speak.  While
attempting to write search terms?

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