moderated Re: Jaws Not Reporting Blank for Empty Cells in Excel


Does it not read out the coordinates, e.g. if you open a blank worksheet where you are on cell A1 when it opens and  you arrow down once, does Jaws not say A2?

There is now a setting in quick settings in excel called “Blank cell announcement”.

If you check it, Jaws will say “blank” and the coordinates. If you uncheck it, Jaws will only say the cell coordinates when a cell is blank, but not the word “blank”.

It’s a bit more of a mode for advanced users who just don’t want to hear blank all the time, after getting used to it I prefer it since Jaws will of course still read out the cell content of not blank cells, but I don’t have to hear “blank” to know a cell is bank.



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I'm reposting this question so it gets it's own thread.

I'm having the below issue when navigating in excel. 
When I use up and down arrrow to navigate, if the cell is blank, jaws is 100% silent. 
How can I fix this? 
Using office 365, windows 10 and jaws 2020, latest update 


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